Do you know you were born to make a difference?

Have you realised that you have been playing small and are sick of it?
Do you have a fire burning inside you but you’re not sure what to do with it?
Do you desire a Wealthy and Abundant life?

This programme is for you!

We only have this one amazing life and if we are not living it to the fullest we are just surviving!
I don’t know about you but for me – just surviving isn’t an option! I’m here to THRIVE!

Do you want to THRIVE with me?

For many years I felt trapped in a life that suffocated me. I felt I was too much and at the same time – no way near enough!

At the end of 2020 that all changed!

My life did one of the biggest U-Turns I had ever experienced.

Overnight my 25 year relationship ended, I found myself without a home, my business had collapsed after months of ill health and I was no longer living full-time with my kids!

That moment I had a choice.

Go back and ‘fix’ what was broken.
Put myself on a homeless list and get a job


Take that quantum leap into the unknown!

Guess what I decided to do 😉

Scroll down to find out what happened when I made that choice…

Let me help you ELEVATE in your life too!

I ELEVATED my life from living somewhere that didn’t feed my soul to moving into my dream country home!! (All came with Pigmy goats, shetland pony and piglets!!)

I ELEVATED my life from dreaming about being an author to PUBLISHING 2 BOOKS!

I ELEVATED my life from going to Burlesque classes to qualifying as a burlesque instructor AND performing in the Edinburgh Festival Fringe!

I ELEVATED my life by turning my business into receiving a 5 figure monthly income!

I ELEVATED my love life into being in a relationship that felt juicy, passionate and playful!

I ELEVATED my life to losing 2 stone with ease and feeling more vibrant and healthy than I ever have!

Let me guide you into ELEVATING your life too!

(Pigmy goats, shetland ponies and burlesque dancing are optional!)

What you’ll learn in the modules:

  • How to idenitfy your Greatest Potential
  • How to gain the courage and confidence to do the things you have been putting off
  • How to keep in a flow of abundance
  • Find out what your unique message is
  • The Laws of the Universe and how to utilise them for optimum wealth
  • How to Quantum Leap from where you are to your DREAM LIFE
  • Know that no matter what life gives you – you ELEVATE and overcome!

Are you a business owner?

Here’s what we will cover for you:

How to attract your ideal client (who pay on time and upfront)

How to shine out in your industry

How to open up to a flow of money and resources

We start on Monday 22nd of August 2022!

Let’s do this!