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Hi, I’m Stephanie.

Your Sexual Empowerment Mentor, Priestess, Mystic, Love Queen, writer, True Secret to Success Life & Business coach and a passionate, loving woman committed to helping YOU…

Uncover the TRUE secret to YOUR SUCCESS (Living a life you ADORE!)

45 min IGNITE Session – £79

I get it, you feel lost, confused, no idea what next step to take. You long to feel passionate, motivated and focused – that’s what this session will do for you!

1 month 1:1 Mentorship – £797
(Payment Plan – £79 per month for 12 months)

Got a dream or goal that you want to achieve? Ready to stop procrastinating? I know you’re bored of the groundhog day life, this mentorship plan is for YOU if you are truly ready to step into your confident, powerful and ‘get shit done’ era! I’ll teach you the true secret to YOUR success – YOUR WAY, along with a step by step strategy to trun that dream into reality ONCE and FOR ALL!

3 months Success Coaching (all areas of life and business) – £5797
(Payment Plan – £2797 initial payment then £297 a month for 12 months)

When you have clarity on HOW you are moving forward, the knowledge of the TRUE SECRET TO SUCCESS you do so with more confidence and ease. Together we will create a bespoke strategy that works for YOU and your life and/or business. Giving you the insights, belief, transformations and suppout you need to get to exactly where YOU DESIRE TO BE – Regardless of what others might say!

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6 and 12 month Mentorship packages are available also.

FREE – Sovereign Spark Mini Course

Unmotivated. Lost your spark. Confused. Lack of passion and direction. Is that you? Would you like to change that? Join me in this 3 day mini course where I will help IGNITE your inner spark allowing you to feel ALIVE, MOTIVATED, PASSIONATE, FOCUSED and ready to ACTION!!

Sovereign Star – Group Container – From £497

My signature programme that helps YOU turn your dreams into reality! I get you have tried ALL the courses and programmes. Done the healings and trainings and you still aren’t turning those dreams into reality – there’s a reason for that! A true secret that isn’t being talked about! One that doesn’t mean you need an attunement, a degree, money mindset upgrade or a manifestation plan – there’s ONE thing that WILL get you flying and not only will you find it in this programme – you will also find support, strategy, your courage and your power!