Sexual Energy for Success

It’s time for you to know the SECRET that the most SUCCESSFUL people on the planet know but NO ONE is talking about!!


Have you been trying to manifest a life you love since you first heard about the Law of Attraction but still nowhere near your dreams?

Are you sick of hearing yourself declare that this will be YOUR month or year?

Do you KNOW you are here to do something magickal but at a loss to how to create it in your life?

Then you are in the right place!

Hi, I’m Stephanie.

An entrepreneur, writer, coach and passionate woman committed to helping YOU fall completely and utterly in LOVE with your LIFE!

Join me in this course to help you to:

Understand what Sexual Energy is and HOW to work with it

Align with your own Sexual Energy with sacred practices

Overcome the fears around confidently creating a life you LOVE

Buy the full course today for the early bird price of £27

The course starts on the 22nd of September!

Are you ready to tap into an energy that will BLOW YOUR SOCKS OFF!

Create an ORGASMIC life?

Shine your AMAZING light into the world without fear?

You’re in for a treat because SEXUAL ENERGY is the most CREATIVE energy there is and I’m going to show you HOW to get it working for YOU!

Modules include:

Sexual Energy – What is it and How do you work with it?

The essence of arousal and desire and why they are fundamental to your manifesting

The Sacred Sexual Energy Practices – Including Orgasmic Breath and Sex Magick

How to Co-Create with the Universe that actually works!

The art of surrender and burning those bridges of what no longer serves

How to allow for deep lasting transformation and building confidence to shine your light!

What others have to say…

‘I feel like I’ve got my sparkle back again!’

Sharon Copland – Health Therapist & Coach

‘When I started with stephanie I was out of energy drained, disheartened and having a crisis …. in that time I have prelaunched 3(!) different businesses, resulting in our first intake at well over 5 figures!

Paul Hornsey-Pennell – Coach & Entrepreneur

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‘You’ve peeled away the layers within opening up my heart to allow love and energy to flow freely for the first time.’

Vince Robb – Entrepreneur

Watch Sexual Energy Interview with Vince below!

Buy the full course today for the early bird price of £27

The course starts on the 22nd of September!

What you will receive:

Full 7 module course including information videos

3 x Sacred Practise recorded audios

Sexual Energy Activation Recording

Begin the journey to TRULY living the life you love – one orgasmic moment at a time!!