Transforming Your Shadow

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Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.

C.G Jung

I am not going to bullshit you, shadow work can be challenging. It can make you look at the parts of you that you have suppressed and kept hidden for most of your life.

It takes a daring soul to transform the shadows, but trust me when I say, it will reveal YOUR MAGNIFICENCE!

BE prepared to:

  • Shine Brightly
  • Love yourself fully
  • Attract amazing experiences
  • Activate your abundance
  • Step fully into your power
  • Live authentically & unapologetically YOU!

Do you DARE to be FREE?

Hi, I’m Stephanie.

I’m a coach, entrepreneur, writer and passionate woman committed to helping YOU step fully into your MAGNIFICENCE!

Join me in this course to help you to:

Understand the things that are sabotaging your success

Learn how to work WITH your shadow aspects to Transform your Life!

Overcome the fears around confidently creating a life you LOVE

Buy the full course today for £111

The course starts on the 3rd December 2021

Are you prepared to be daring?

To go on a journey of a lifetime?

To transform your shadow into your power?

Wonderful! I will be your personal guide into your shadows to find those hidden treasures that will set you FREE!

Modules include:

Descent into the Shadow
Safely going into your inner shadows to discover the things holding you back.

Facing your unloveable parts
Fear can keep you stuck but when you face them you realise they are False Evidence Appearing Real. It’s time to shine the light onto your fears once and for all.

How can you possibly love the parts of you that have created shame, deemed ‘unacceptable’? This week we will focus on how to truly love yourself on a level you have never experienced before.

Love Unleashed
It’s time to fly! When you call all parts of yourself HOME then you are WHOLE! This week I teach you HOW!

What others have to say…

‘I feel like I’ve got my sparkle back again!’

Sharon Copland – Health Therapist & Coach

‘When I started with stephanie I was out of energy drained, disheartened and having a crisis …. in that time I have prelaunched 3(!) different businesses, resulting in our first intake at well over 5 figures!

Paul Hornsey-Pennell – Coach & Entrepreneur

Click HERE for video testimonial from Paul

‘You’ve peeled away the layers within opening up my heart to allow love and energy to flow freely for the first time.’

Vince Robb – Entrepreneur

Watch Sexual Energy Interview with Vince below!

Buy the full course today for £111

The course starts on the 3rd December 2021

What you will receive:

Full 4 module course including information videos

3 x Sacred Practise recorded audios

Transforming your Shadow Activation Recording

4 x Group Coaching Calls

Begin the journey to TRULY living the life you love – one MAGNIFICENT moment at a time!!